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Step away from the pressures of everyday life to the tranquility of Canada’s public gardens. You’ll discover peaceful oases, inviting you to stroll amongst the glory of the flowers, down winding paths where the calm coolness of the woodland awaits. Alone, or with your family, you’ll learn secrets of the natural world which will enrich your life. Gardens Canada is the only online resource to explore this country’s national network of public gardens and garden expereinces. Generously funded through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Cultural Investment Fund, Gardens Canada puts you in the know regarding the conservation of native plants and wildlife, and recognizes the importance of the natural world in a healthy life. Canada’s gardens and garden expereinces offer year-round educational opportunities for children and adults. From biodiversity and sustainability to growing your own vegetable garden and recognizing edible wild plants, there’s so much to learn from your gardens and their staff. Be the first to hear of special offers and events, then immerse yourself in the beauty, serenity and uniqueness of garden experiences from coast to coast. Life is more colourful when you explore what’s in bloom!!

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