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Whether you enjoy the gardens around your home, in your community, or as destinations to explore, this site, presented by the Canadian Garden Council, is your go-to resource for information and inspiration.

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Canada’s Public Gardens and Garden Experiences Are Waiting For You

Photo: Courtesy of the Butchart Gardens Ltd.,
Victoria, BC Canada

Canada’s Garden Route is a listing of Canadian gardens and garden experiences. If you’re planning to stop in and visit some of the finest examples of ornamental horticulture the country has to offer, this is the website that will help you find the perfect garden experience you’re looking for. Canada’s garden experiences welcome all visitors, whether you come from across town, across the country or from around the world.

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, it is a perfect time to get out and explore the country and enjoy everything it has to offer, including its magnificent public gardens.

In the meantime, we encourage you to safely explore the gardens and garden experiences that are open in your province, especially those that are local to where you live.

Check online before travelling to see a public garden or a botanical garden. Many have adjusted their hours, as well as rules for visiting. Be sure to follow any protocols that are listed on the website and at the garden.

Share your photos and videos on Instagram using the hashtag #CanadasGardenRoute.

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Canada’s Garden Road Trips

We have also started working with various gardens to create Canada’s Garden Road Trips. These include garden destinations, as well as local relevant attractions, shops and restaurants, so you can enjoy a day or weekend trip. Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more over the summer.

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Larry Hodgson – Canada’s Garden Route Spokesperson

Photo credit: France Bouchard

Author of A Garden Lover’s Guide to Canada

“As the confinement lessens and stores and restaurants open, we’re all glad to be getting out of the house and doing something else. Anything else! And why not put visiting a local garden high on your list?” Click here to read the full article.

“This summer, bring the kids to visit one or more of Canada’s public gardens.” For Larry’s suggestions on how to make the most of these visits, click here.

June 13 to 21, 2020
It’s Garden Time!

Photo: Courtesy of Toronto Botanical Gardens
Credit: Janet Davis

The Canadian Garden Council is pleased to announce that Garden Days 2020 will be held from June 13 to 21. National Garden Day will be celebrated on Saturday, June 20.

This year’s Garden Days will be very different from previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. With restrictions on who we can meet with and where we can go, more people than ever are rediscovering the joys of gardens and gardening.

Garden lovers already know the benefits of the garden but there is also scientific evidence that shows gardening is good for body and soul. So, this year Garden Days celebrates the healing power of gardens. Whether your hands are in the dirt of your backyard garden, or you prefer to take a stroll through a public garden, it’s Garden Time!

Tell us your Garden Days Story!

We want to hear how you benefit or enjoy your garden or garden experiences!

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Imagine a 12-month, nationwide celebration of Canada’s Garden Culture.
Discover and learn about Canada’s garden history from:

  • the First Nations’ connections with Mother Earth,
  • the beauty and benefits of landscape horticulture today,
  • and the exciting garden legacies under development for the future.

Plans are now underway. Watch for 2022 Year of the Garden announcements in the coming months.
If you are interested to join this celebration or have any suggestions, please contact Michel Gauthier, Executive Director of the Canadian Garden Council (
[email protected])

Garden Tourism Conference


This biannual conference, hosted by the Canadian Garden Council, is where North American and global garden, garden experience and tourism leaders meet to share best practices and present new and emerging visitor experience strategies. Their mission: to create even more exciting destinations for their audiences.

This conference is where the Canadian and International Garden Tourism Awards are announced along with the TOP 10 Garden Worth Travelling For.

The Canadian and International Garden Tourism Awards, along with the list of “TOP 10 Gardens Worth Travelling For” are announced at the Garden Tourism Conference.

Plans are underway for the next Garden Tourism Conference to be held in Victoria, BC in the fall of 2022, during the Year of the Garden.

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The Canadian Garden Council is a national body of provincial and national organizations, supported by Canada’s horticulture and tourism industry businesses, associations and organizations, to bring the love of gardens and gardening to Canadians and visitors.

The Canadian Garden Council manages Canada’s Garden Route™, Garden Days™, 2022, Year of the Garden™, Garden Tourism Conference™ and Garden Tourism Awards™.

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