Year of the Garden 2022 – April News

April 22, 2021

Garden-Family – It’s Time to Plan

Year of the Garden 2022 Resource Guide

We are now moving into the Planning Phase of the Year of the Garden 2022. The next 9 months will be important to engage Garden-Family members with this unique horticulture celebration, as we prepare to invite the public to celebrate the numerous benefits of gardens and gardening. Not everything is yet decided which is a good thing, but as you can expect things will go quickly, since our goal is to start the marketing campaign in the fall of 2021 leading up to the Year of the Garden 2022.

We want you to participate so we can promote you and the Canadians can easily Add Garden to Life.

We have created a first Year of the Garden 2022 Resource Guide to facilitate your engagement. Check it out!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions. Thank you to those that have!

Our special Year of the Garden 2022 request

If you have not yet done it, expressed your support to your local Member of Parliament, please do it now, asking for an official designation of the Year of the Garden 2022 and cc the Canadian Garden Council. Click for a sample letter.

We are still getting letters of support. More quotes from these letters:

Year of the Garden 2022 would provide an even larger platform to promote our destination’s beautification efforts and highlight our charming streetscapes.

As the visitor economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, initiatives such as “Year of the Garden” become even more important.” – Heidi Zinn, Executive Director, Discover Charlottetown Inc

“We would like to lend our support to Michel Gauthier of the Canadian Garden Council, in making 2022 the “Year of the Garden” for all of Canada. In light of the current pandemic, it seems only natural that Canadians would want to emerge from the weight of the current situation with a way to celebrate. The beauty, colour and hope of gardening is a perfect way to express this.

We ask that you support his efforts in this endeavour as well.” – Deb Zynomirski, President, Dunnville Horticultural Society

“As a member of Canada’s Garden-Family, we ask that you urge the Federal Government to endorse and support this unique initiative and proclaim 2022 as Canada’s Year of the Garden for the benefit of Canadians and Canada.” – Pam Clarke, Durham Master Gardeners

“Expanding on this renewed interest in gardening by having 2022 as “Canada’s Year of the Garden” would be a natural expansion of this interest and the members of GardenComm would love to be at the forefront of promoting a year dedicated to their passion.” – Ken Brown, GardenComm

“All evidence points to Covid-19 modifying our lifestyles as Canadians, and we are spending more time in gardens, from which we derive proven health and wellness benefits. With Year of the Garden 2022, what a great way to promote and enhance well being. We very much support the Year of the Garden 2022 initiative and looks forward to promoting its gardening events from coast to coast.” – Jean Carr – Founder – Gardening Calendar – Ontario

“We believe that a Year of the Garden 2022 will contribute to educate and inspire Canadians to engage with gardens, plants and nature therefore enhancing the health, quality of life, economic and positive environmental impact they provide.” – Brenda McDermott, Chairperson, Greater Saint John Community Garden

“We are excited for this opportunity with the Canadian Garden Council, and are a willing partner ready to engage with the public to ensure that the Year of the Garden 2022 will be a success across our country, and right here in New Brunswick.” – Brad Henderson – Director of Operations – Kingsbrae Garden

“The creation of Year of the Garden 2022 aligns so eloquently with the Mission of The Niagara Parks to preserve and protect these environments for all. As a global destination and leader in the field of horticulture, we support the Year of the Garden 2022 initiative as it celebrates so directly the importance of gardens.” – David Adames, Chief Executive Officer, Niagara Parks Commission

“On behalf of Nature Québec, please accept this letter confirming our support for the Canadian Garden Council’s initiative to make 2022 Canada’s Year of the Garden. Never before has the need and appreciation for gardens and plants been more apparent than during these unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic. ” – Cyril Frazao, Executive Director, Nature Québec

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Share Canada’s Year of the Garden 2022 Proclamation

On March 22, the Canadian Garden Council proudly proclaimed 2022 as Canada’s Year of the Garden to celebrate the Centennial of the Canada’s ornamental horticulture sector and to honour the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s 100-year anniversary.

The Year of the Garden 2022 invites members of Garden-Family members and Canadians, everywhere in the country, to Celebrate Canada’s garden heritage, celebrate today’s vibrant garden culture and the excellence of our horticulture professionals as well as create legacies for a sustainable future

Please share Canada’s Year of the Garden 2022 Proclamation with your networks and your friends!


Government Relations and Engagement

Meeting with the Ministries

Since the last Year of the Garden 2022 newsletter, we have:

  • Have been advised that a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture AgriFood is being scheduled
  • Meeting with Canadian Heritage Policy Advisors

Become a Year of the Garden 2022 Champion. Here’s how:

Share your thoughts, ideas and expectations about Year of the Garden 2022 during the Planning Phase. 

If not written yet, please send a Letter of Support to the Canadian Garden Council! Click for a sample letter.

Government relations: Please let your MP know that you support the federal government’s official designation of Canada’s Year of the Garden 2022Click for a sample letter. Please cc us.

Corporate Engagement

Thank you to our corporate Founding Partners of the Year of the Garden 2022 : Scotts Canada, Premier Tech and Proven Winners

We will soon be releasing a Year of the Garden 2022 Sponsorship program for corporations interested in being associated with this unique year long event and the garden and gardening audience.

“Canadians are showing a renewed passion for gardens and gardening not only for the beauty that they bring but also to address mental and physical wellbeing. As a leader in lawn and garden products, Scotts Canada Ltd. is proud to be a founding partner of the Year of the Garden 2022. We look forward to celebrating the wonderfulness of gardening and inviting all Canadians to join Canada’s garden-family.”
Karen Stephenson | Director, Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Relations, Scotts Canada Limited

“At Premier Tech, the horticultural and garden world is the cornerstone, the very essence of who we are, and we are proud to have contributed to the emergence and growth of this industry in Canada since its beginnings. At the dawn of our 100th anniversary, it is only natural for Premier Tech to be taking part in this celebration of Canada’s horticultural heritage that will be the Year of the Garden 2022.”
Martin Pelletier | President of Premier Tech Growers and Consumers.

Proven Winners North America is proud to be a founding partner of Canada’s Year of the Garden 2022. We are especially proud because so much of our North American business takes place in Canada. Our propagator partners, Nordic Nurseries in Abbotsford, BC and Sobkowich Greenhouses in Grimsby, Ontario have serviced the Canadian marketplace with Proven Winners annuals plants for over 25 years. In addition, our Proven Winners ColorChoice flowering shrubs and Proven Winners perennials varieties are also widely distributed in Canada. Consumers in Canada love to garden, and we are fortunate to work with so many great retailers and partners in Canada that are passionate about creating beautiful gardens.”
Marshall Dirks | Director of Marketing Proven Winners

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Founding Partners:

Year of the Garden 2022 Team