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Year of the Garden 2022 Milestones and Updates

Business Plan

Thanks to the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), a Year of the Garden 2022 Business Plan was developed. We are currently in the Development and Feasibility Phase, which is dedicated to securing Garden Family, government and corporate engagement. Our goal is to make an official announcement in March.

Garden Family Engagement

We already have over 100 support letters from all branches of the Garden Family and from all regions of Canada. A sample of what they say:

“… I want to let you know that we are fully supportive of creating a Year of the Garden. Gardens have played an important role throughout our history, sustaining us physically and mentally. They teach us about diversity and introduce us to sound ecological management.”Gardens BC

“We are supportive of this initiative because we believe it will make a positive difference to Canada at a time when Canadians need such a lift to our spirits.”Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance (COHA)

“The Year of the Garden project is part of the values that guide the work of landscape architects. As we face a period of uncertainty in the face of the pandemic and climate change, to name a few challenges, it is clear that we have all been confronted with the fact that the importance of nature and the access to outdoor spaces and parks is essential to our physical and mental health. ”Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA)

“We believe that a Year of the Garden in 2022 will contribute to educate and inspire Canadians to engage with gardens, plants and nature therefore enhancing the health, quality of life, economic and positive environmental impact they provide.”Toronto Master Gardeners

“The idea of creating a Year of the Garden is just wonderful… because we realize that taking care of plants is also taking care of ourselves. Plants are at the heart of the ecological transition that the planet needs. We fully support the initiative to create a Year of the Garden and are more than willing to participate.”Montreal Botanical Garden

“The creativity of this initiative will help the industry and public gardens celebrate and grow while linking to the importance of nature and outdoor spaces.” – Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden

“Such an initiative would encourage Canadians to unite around a healthy activity that promotes the future of our planet. It would constitute a vector of learning and discovery in this direction for populations of all ages.”Québec Vert

“The Year of the Garden 2022 will provide an additional opportunity for our Society to promote the many positive impacts of gardening to the citizens of Greater Sudbury through our on-going initiatives and potential new ones planned for that year.”Sudbury Horticultural Society

“We believe that by designating the year 2022 as the ‘Year of the Garden’, Canada will send a clear message in favor not only of the practice of gardening, but also of the preservation of gardens: a legacy of Canadian heritage and landscape.”Association of landscape architects of Quebec

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Government Relations and Engagement

The Canadian Garden Council met with Minister Fortier, Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance recently. She is very enthusiastic about the Year of the Garden for Canada in 2022 and has agreed to lead our effort requesting the federal government for special designation and financial support.

Thanks to the efforts of the Garden Family, close to 50 Members of Parliament have been made aware of our initiative and some have already expressed their official support!

Corporate Engagement

Scotts Canada and Premier Tech are the first corporations to endorse the Year of the Garden 2022 and commit financial support for the Development and Feasibility Phase. We appreciate their support and encouragement, and it is our pleasure to recognize them as Founding Partners.

We are now in conversation with four other corporations to invest in the Development and Feasibility Phase. A full Sponsorship program for the Year of the Garden 2022 is under development and will be released soon.

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Public Engagement

The Canadian Garden Council has engaged Nanos Research to measure the public’s interest in gardens, gardening, and the Year of the Garden 2022 program. Stayed tuned for an eye-opening report coming early in the New Year.

Year of the Garden 2022 Leadership

Year of the Garden 2022 Management Team

The Canadian Garden Council, under the direction of Michel Gauthier, Executive Director, retained the services of ZRB Creative Marketing and Jacques Ouimette Communication to provide vision and expertise to develop the Business Plan. Grow with Amp has been added to the team to develop the Partnership and Sponsorship Program.

Garden Family Advisory Board

An Advisory Board under the leadership of co-chairs will provide Garden Family guidance to the Year of the Garden 2022 Team.

Gloria Beck, the first woman Chair of CNLA, past chair of the International Garden Centre Association, and owner of Parkland Garden Centre, Alberta, has accepted to become an Advisory Board co-chair. The Board will be made up of 12 members.

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