What is The Year of the Garden 2022?

The Year of the Garden 2022 will invite Canadians from coast to coast to commemorate Canada’s garden heritage, celebrate the culture of gardens and gardening today, and create an important legacy for a sustainable future.

Garden related celebrations and activities will take place in communities, homes, schools, businesses, public gardens, garden centres, and at special events during the Year of the Garden 2022.

2022, Canada’s horticulture landscape industry’s centennial year, will provide many opportunities to learn about our garden heritage, such as Canada’s first European garden in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, then Québec City, garden traditions introduced by immigrants, the First Nations knowledge of living in harmony with plants and nature, and important achievements that helped to create today’s rich garden culture.

Canadian’s passion for gardening has never been more evident than during the Covid-19 pandemic as families sheltered at home and turned their yards into practical and beautiful garden sanctuaries. The Year of the Garden 2022 will be an opportunity for Canadians of all ages to learn more about growing, enjoying and experiencing gardens and all of the tremendous benefits they provide.

The legacy of the Year of the Garden 2022 will be an improved quality of life for Canadians through sustainable development to fight climate change, impart significant health and well-being benefits, and drive economic growth.

We will be the first country to celebrate a Year of the Garden!

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“….and into the garden I go to lose my mind and find my soul!”

- Adapted from John Muir