Year of the Garden 2022

One good news story during Covid 19 continues to be the dramatic increase in the public’s appetite for plants and gardening as families shelter at home and turn their yards into garden sanctuaries. 

To encourage new gardeners’ continuing success and underline the importance of plants in our lives, the Canadian Garden Council in collaboration with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) is planning the Year of the Garden 2022, to celebrate Canada’s garden culture on the occasion of the CNLA’s 100th Anniversary.

The Year of the Garden 2022 will be an exciting invitation to Canadians to Put Some Garden In Your Life by presenting many opportunities to commemorate Canada’s garden history, celebrate the culture of gardening today, and create important legacies for a sustainable future. 

For everyone in Canada’s Garden Family – those in the landscape horticulture industry and associated with offering or creating garden experiences – the Year of the Garden 2022 will provide significant and lasting opportunities to deepen audience connections and grow the horticulture sector. 

Commemorating our Past

From the First Nations that lived in harmony with natural gardens, through the first historic gardens in Annapolis Royale, Nova Scotia and at the founding of Quebec City, to the waves of immigrants bringing their garden traditions, a passion for gardens has always been firmly rooted in Canadian reality.

It was not until 1922 that the Canadian horticulture and landscape industry officially took shape, thus fostering the development of Canada’s garden culture which we are commemorating with the Year of the Garden 2022.

Celebrating Our Garden Culture

The Canadian Garden Council will collaborate with Canada’s Garden Family to offer Canadians an engaging and exciting Year of the Garden 2022 program to celebrate our contemporary garden culture. This will be done by tagging existing branded activities and promotions, and via new ones developed by members of the Garden Family with a supporting Year of the Garden 2022 identifier.

The scope of the Year of the Garden 2022 program is nationwide: indoors or out. Garden related celebrations and activities will take place in homes, communities, schools, businesses, public gardens, garden centres and at special events, all year long.  

Every initiative – local, provincial or federal – will benefit from the critical mass of public awareness, promotion and motivation generated by the umbrella Year of the Garden 2022 marketing program.

Creating a Legacy

The Year of the Garden 2022 will educate Canadians of all ages about the vital role gardens play in growing future quality of life through fun and educational engagement. 

Canada’s Garden Family recognizes the benefits our products, services, activities and spaces provide to society. We know the important contributions that gardens make to fight climate change, provide healthy sources of food, impart significant health and well-being benefits, drive economic growth, and encourage social interactions and joy. 

Now, as we plan for the future post Covid-19, the Year of the Garden 2022 is a unique opportunity to establish legacy projects and standards to further demonstrate to Canadians the importance gardens have in their quality of life, and the sustainable development of Canada.

Year of the Garden 2022 Marketing

Why the word garden”?

The word horticulture” is not well understood by the public and better serves the industry.

The word “green” is a term often used, but while appropriate in a general public context, it is too generic. Green buildings, green manufacturing, or green energy are not directly related to celebrating the relationship between people and plants.

The word “plant” was considered but deemed not inclusive enough.

The word “garden“, a broader term, scores the highest in terms of public recognition (# 1 in the top 25 Internet search results within the sector).

Garden is also associated by the public with a full range of garden activities and events, and with landscaped gardens of all kinds, including the edible garden.

All members of the Canadian garden family and the population can identify with one, some or all of these types of gardens, making the word “Garden” the common denominator and the most appropriate core identity for this celebration.

Year of the Garden 2022 Marketing Strategy

Under the leadership of the Canadian Garden Council, an umbrella Year of the Garden 2022 marketing program will be deployed to support the activation of all participating Garden Family events, activities, and promotions throughout the year. 

Completely inclusive, every branch of the Canadian horticulture industry, and every association, business, educational institution, organization and club is invited to take advantage of this innovative initiative that’s national in scope, and targeted to reach the Garden Family audience: all Canadians.

Employing a modern and efficient digital and social marketing plan, supported by traditional public relations, print and broadcast media, the Year of the Garden 2022 will serve to support and amplify your marketing and communications objectives. 

Imagine your campaign to sell plants, landscape services, garden products, membership, or attendance at an event enhanced by a national campaign that encourages the public to engage with plants and gardens. The Year of the Garden 2022 campaign will create important awareness and demand, and serve as a convenient directory for activities.

In addition, participating Garden Family members can opt in to geo-targeted digital campaigns reaching consumers searching online for specific garden topics.


Year of the Garden 2022 Funding Strategy

A detailed program budget will accompany the Business Plan when it is presented. It will be fiscally responsible and achievable based on the resources needed and available to effectively reach Canadians, and inspire them to engage with Garden Family  activities, events, programs and promotions during the Year of the Garden 2022

A private and public sponsorship and partnership program for the Year of the Garden 2022 will be rolled out during the Development Phase.

Any remaining funds from the Year of the Garden 2022 will be reinvested into supporting Garden Family legacy initiatives.


Year of the Garden 2022 Timelines

Phase 1 – Business Plan

Work on the comprehensive Business Plan and budget began in early 2020 with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s support and encouragement, was interrupted by Covid-19, and is now back in full swing with completion by end of September 2020. 

The Business Plan will define the Year of the Garden 2022 umbrella program approach, outline its leadership and management, financing and budget, marketing plan, and general operations. 

Phase II – Development and Feasibility Analysis – October 2020 to February 2021

During this period, the Canadian Garden Council will work with members of Canada’s Garden Family, associations, and potential partners and collaborators expressing their willingness to move forward with the Year of the Garden 2022 program. 

Phase III – Planning and Launch – March and December 2021

The Canadian Garden Council, working with Canada’s Garden Family, will connect with various associations and networks to engage everyone’s participation. 

Federal and provincial governments as well as various organizations will also be approached and made aware to document and sanction the activities, celebrations and events that will take place during the Year of the Garden 2022. A public launch event remains to be determined.

Phase IV – Implementation of the Year of the Garden 2022 – January to December 2022

The full year implementation of this program will allow Canadians to participate or get involved in activities, events, celebrations, promotions and projects across the country. 


Your Year of the Garden 2022 Invitation

“Take part in the Year of the Garden 2022 and benefit from a promotional platform”

The success of the Year of the Garden 2022 – the first event of its kind in the world – will depend on everyone’s financial or material support. The Canadian Garden Council encourages you to share your ideas and contributions as we finalize the business plan to move into the development phase.

Your support at this time through your ideas and recommendations will help us plan and implement an interactive and optimal strategy for creating the Year of the Garden 2022.

There is no doubt that the energy demonstrated by the members of Canada’s Garden Family will facilitate the creation of this promotional platform, and ensure that the year 2022 will establish itself as a pivotal year for the development and the growth of Canada’s garden culture.

The Year of the Garden 2022: commemorate the past, celebrate the present and create a legacy for the future!


Michel Gauthier

Executive Director, Canadian Garden Council

[email protected]  

Phone: 613-301-4554

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